Unlocking Your Full Potential:

January to June Masterminds

In a quest to provide you with the most enriching experience possible, I've made an exciting decision for this year: granting you access to not just one, but two invaluable masterminds from January to June you get to choose which one fits YOU in supporting YOUR unique needs. Allow me to introduce the Business Foundations Mastermind and the Scaling & Growing Mastermind.

Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Potential

Master the Art of Starting a Business from Scratch

Are you dreaming of starting your own business but don't know where to begin? Do you have a passion or an idea but lack the technical know-how to get started? Join our exclusive mastermind course designed for individuals just like you!

Supercharge Your Small Business Growth

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Expert Guidance

Is your small business ready to reach new heights? Our advanced mastermind course is tailored for small business owners who already have products and are eager to scale. We're excited to introduce a new module featuring monthly guest experts in sales, marketing, and launches!

Entry Level:

Business Foundations

Are you eager to dive into the world of entrepreneurship? We believe that everyone, regardless of their experience, has the potential to build something great. That's why we don't like to label our participants as "beginners." Instead, we offer the "Business Foundations" mastermind this program is ideal for individuals who are taking their first steps into the world of entrepreneurship.

Imagine a space where you can craft your vision without the pressure of having a social media presence, a website, or products and services. Our program is tailored for individuals who are just starting, providing a nurturing environment to nurture your entrepreneurial dreams. Join us from January to June as we guide you through the fundamentals of business, empowering you to embark on your exciting journey. We understand that everyone begins their entrepreneurial adventure with a unique set of experiences and skills, and our aim is to provide a supportive environment for you to build your business from the ground up.

Course Highlights:

Step-by-Step Guidance: From ideation to launch, we'll walk you through setting up your business, even if you have no social media presence, no products, and no website.

Expert Insights: Learn from experienced entrepreneurs and business coaches who have successfully launched their ventures.

Interactive Workshops: Get hands-on experience and practical skills to bring your business idea to life.

Community Support: Connect with fellow aspiring entrepreneurs and build a network that lasts beyond the course.

Level Up:

Scaling and Growing

Already set the stage and ready for the next act in your entrepreneurial story? My "Scaling and Growing" mastermind program, running from January to June, is designed for those who are ready to elevate their business game.

At this level, you should have at least one dedicated employee, a product or service in the works, and a burning desire to achieve more. Here, you'll have exclusive access to monthly guest experts who will share invaluable insights, helping you tap into their wealth of experience. We're also introducing brand-new modules on marketing, sales, and launching, equipping you with the strategies and tactics to skyrocket your business.

Course Highlights:

Expert-Led Modules: Benefit from insights shared by industry experts who have mastered the art of scaling.

Sales and Marketing Mastery: Learn advanced strategies to increase revenue, expand your customer base, and dominate your market.

Monthly Guest Experts: Gain exclusive access to professionals who will share their secrets to success.

Collaborative Learning: Network with fellow business owners and exchange ideas and strategies.

Hands-On Workshops: Apply what you learn in real-time to your business.


"No lie, Tiffany is your must-have coach if you need someone who’s got your back 1000%, wants nothing but kickass results for you, and has boss bitch energy! 

 She’s got big ideas + an understanding of what it takes to implement those ideas which is honestly rare to find!

A few weeks in of coaching with Tiffany and I’ve launched a new program, have 80 signs up, and in two months, I’ll make back every penny I spent hiring her as my coach. It’s all profit after 

 Sign your cute ass up to work with her if you’re looking to elevate, dream big, have an impact, + make shit happen! 

 10/10 recommend"




TEN 2 hour live virtual group mastermind calls over 6 months (will be recorded)

Personal hot seats every call


Problem solving


Knowledge sharing

Mindset & Skill set support


Slack channel for mastermind members for communication, community, addressing pain points & barriers, reporting accountability & goal metrics.

Ongoing 24/7 access to community for mental, emotional, mindset, skillset, & support

Slack office hours with Tiffany once a week

Generous resource & file sharing!


Access to 17 workbooks on business-related topics 

28+ hours of BIZ video trainings/interviews/content

Mental health 8 course bundle with 10 HOURS OF INSTRUCTION, including 150+ WORKBOOK PAGES, & MORE

IMMEDIATE & LIFETIME access to all COURSES so you can focus on your personal & business goals

That one time I became my tech-billionaire-unicorn-mentors business coach 🤯:

"I’m Suneera Madhani, a billionaire tech unicorn, founder and CEO of STAX, one of America's top 10 fastest-growing fintech companies, & a Forbes 40 under 40, and

I fucking love Tiffany Roe.

Tiffany Joined my business mastermind and her knowledge and impact stood out and I knew we would collaborate.

I then hired Tiffany as MY business coach and can’t recommend her highly enough. She supported my skillset AND mindset in coaching.

She coached me in launching my first entrepreneur retreat and a robust online course. She worked with my team and overdelivered every time. 

I'm the CEO of CEO School, a go-to training source for female entrepreneurs &

I now hire Tiffany not only as my personal 1:1 business coach; I trust her to speak at all my retreats, train at my CEO School conferences, have had her on my podcast, featured her as a CEO expert in a Summit, & have developed an authentic supportive friendship.

She’s a perfect mix of challenging, supportive, empathic, visionary, hype girl, & knowledge. 

It’s rare to find a coach who has scaled both a digital business brand AND a brick and mortar physical business; that’s what drew me to Tiffany. She also commands a room and make you feel amazing.

She has the mental health/mindset expertise that has been the biggest game changer for me. 

20/10 recommend my friend, colleague, coach, & fav teacher & therapist T. Roe."

Suneera Madhani, CEO, tech unicorn.


  • Brainstorm, create, launch, and scale your product suite & services.
  • Be held accountable and move the needle on your goals with structure & this group.
  • Make biz friends, build community, network, get emotional & mindset support.
  • Improve structure, organization, SOP's, metrics, KPI's, systems, strategy, & skillset frameworks.
  • Get suggestions, tips, problem solve, confidently ask for feedback, ask questions without being judged, all while growing personally & professionally. 

What my biz clients say:

10/10! Spectacular! I have learned SO much not only from the course and Tiffany, but from all the other amazing, badass therapists in the group. Everyone was so authentic, empowering and supportive. I couldn't have grown without each and every one of them. Tiffany was BEYOND helpful and went above and beyond to support us all. I felt seen, heard and empowered by Tiffany. Things that once seems impossible, now seem completely doable with hard work and the right support. I am a better business owner, therapist and all around CEO because of this course and the people in it. Worth every penny!



My experience working with Tiffany as my business coach was hands down the best investment I have made professionally! 

She has helped me shift in my mindset, get practical tools needed to grow/scale my group practice to new levels and provides me with space to be open and work through barriers I am experiencing without judgment. 

With her help I not only have gotten a better structure and foundation in place for my group, but I also launched my first round of merch, which she is so knowledgeable in the process of this for first timers like me!! 

I would highly recommend hiring Tiffany as a business coach; no matter what field you are in, but if you are in the field of mental health and eating disorders, she is the perfect fit and supports you along the way with encouragement and equips you with mindset shifts and the skills to take your practice to the next level! 

Jessie Huebner, LMHC, LPC, CEDS-S 

What kind of topics are game in this mastermind?

Anything related to mindset and skillset in business!

Passive income

Online Courses



Brand Sponsorships


Social media

Identifying and challenging fears


Content creation

Client journey

Defining your why


Marketing strategies



Organization & planning

Mental health


Paid Speaking

Merch & Apparel

Product creation and launches


MRR Monthly recurring revenue


PR & Pitching

Team Expansion


New locations


Building coaching offerings

Mental health coping skills for entrepreneurs

Systems, structure, policies, procedures, SOP's

Job descriptions

Leadership & accountability & metrics

I love my biz coaching clients

"I just wanted to say thank you for offering this course. You have taught me a lot about allowing myself to show up as the real Jessica in my work, and I will forever be grateful. So, I must be honest that initially, I hated I paid so much for the course ), but now as I reflect, I’m like, I am going to make it back tenfold because I feel so much better about myself and my business. I have a plan now; I am more intentional. I feel great going into '22 as a business owner."

Jessica Reynolds

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just for helping professionals or mental health pros?

No! This is for entrepreneurs and founders from any field. We want diversity & different experiences.

When does it start?

Join the waitlist for the next Mastermind dates.

What's the price?

Selected applications will be sent a check out link once they're accepted! The price of this mastermind is less than the cost of the courses included!

Can I get a refund if I'm unhappy with my purchase?

No refunds. All sales final due to the high value nature and exclusive content / commitment needed for a mastermind.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, we are offering payment plans so you can pay as you go! You can pay in one chunk (saves you some money), pay over 3 months, or over 6 months. The value provided in this experience is far beyond the price point, this is your chance to get in the room!

What is a mastermind exactly?
I don't know what to expect.

Mastermind groups are about the members sharing with each other, not about the facilitator coaching individuals in a group setting.

Masterminds aren't therapy or life coaching. It's not Tiffany giving 10 members individual advice each group call.

Mastermind groups are special because they offer a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support to sharpen your business and personal skills.

A mastermind group helps you and your mastermind group members achieve success. Members challenge each other to set strong goals, and more importantly, to accomplish them.

Mastermind group facilitators start and run these groups and work with members to create success.

Tiffany as a facilitator will generously share her knowledge and strategy with the group & provide structure & accountability that keep you focused and on track.

A mastermind requires commitment, confidentiality, willingness to both give and receive advice and ideas.

In a mastermind group, each person’s participation is crucial to the success of the group as a whole. Your mastermind partners give you feedback, help you brainstorm new possibilities, and solutions to tricky problems.

(definition adapted from thesuccessalliance.com)

Why do masterminds work?

The American Society of Training and Development states that people are only 65% likely to accomplish a goal once they tell someone, but are 95% more likely to fulfill their goals when sharing them with a group that can support them in reviewing their commitments regularly.

What's a "true" mastermind?

There are four parts that technically define a "true" mastermind and maximize the benefit of 10 brilliant brains in a group together:

Individual Hot Seats for each member, where you get to talk about your challenges and your plans

Everyone in the group gets to brainstorm together (sharing knowledge, insights and best practices)

(NOT the focus on the mentor being the only person with all the answers, that's sometimes called "group coaching")

There's power in 11 brains in the room all sharing!

Accountability reporting. My team will hold your feet to the fire on a consistent basis through our slack check ins where we track goals and progress.

You meet with the same group of people, so that you get to know each other’s goals, problems and plans. The facilitator is the same person for all meetings.

This continuity is crucial and is a main component of a true mastermind group.

  1. (definition adapted from thesuccessalliance.com)

What's a hot seat? What should I expect?

A major value of being in a mastermind is a chance to be in hot seat.

The person in a hot seat gets to pose a problem or question. They get individual custom attention during their hot seat.

It's a chance for non-judgmental problem solving & receiving open feedback from 10 other experts. The hot seat person gets ideas, solutions, and support they wouldn't get it on their own.

Is listening to others hot seats valuable?

YES. Listening to others solutions and ideas are extremely valuable! It's learning from others!

But others hot seats aren't always identically matched to each members needs, so your individual hot seat is valuable because you're getting specific needs peer-solved and "masterminded."

Hot seats start the accountability process. The goals you chose will be reported in slack & nurtured / followed between calls with other mastermind members.

Hot seats are what live calls are all about. That's how we mastermind and how everyone gets value. Slack is our home base for interacting between these live touch-points.

Hot tip: come prepared for your hot seat each call! You get ten minutes of laser focus every call. Plan ahead. Know what you want help with so we actually move the needle in your biz!

How are the live group mastermind calls structured? I don't want to waste my time!

We have a tight 2 hour agenda each call that allows equal participation from each member.


We're providing a strong structure, with individual attention every single call, to truly utilize the power of the mastermind container!

First 10 minutes: Roll Call

Each member shares a one minute "game changing lesson".

Whether it's a tech solution, an app, a new social media hack, an affirmation that is life saving, a great interview template link, a job description link, the name of a new system or structure that has saved you, a podcast or book, a marketing or copywriting insight.

In just 10 minutes, we have 10 needle-moving tips!

100 minutes: Hot Seats

Each mastermind member gets a 10 minute hot seat each call. 10 people, 10 minutes each; massive growth, interaction, and game changing potential.

Take 1 minute of your 10 minutes to describe a situation or problem

The remainder and bulk of the hot seat will focus should be on problem solving & peer mentoring and feedback solutions during a hot seat.

The final minute of your hot seat will be the member stating a goal to move the needle in their business.

This is how we track accountability. The goals will be reported in slack & nurtured / followed between calls with other mastermind members.

10 minutes: Wrap up

1 minute take aways or ahah moments from the call from each member!

What happens if I can't make one of the calls?

The idea of a mastermind is access to a group for all your go-to mindset/skillset needs. The success of the mastermind is based on group participation.

Sooo, The Feel Deal Heal Business Mastermind, we are requiring everyone participating to show up on the zoom calls.

Dates are provided on the website before purchasing, so ensure you block the 10 group coaching Monday date calls.

With that said, of course we understand life happens & will make exceptions for any unavoidable circumstances or emergencies. Sessions will be recorded for ongoing access.

Do all you can to make coaching call times sacred and blocked out ahead of time.

Is there a chance we will change any of the live call dates?

Tiffany pre-selected these dates with intentionality.

If a call date doesn't work for the majority of the mastermind, we can adjust fixed dates during the kick off call. It's impossible to accommodate 11 busy entrepreneurs, so we want to minimize changes.

Again we know life happens. We want structure and clear expectations but also live in reality.

There is an off-chance Tiffany will have to change a date due to an emergency.

If a call is cancelled, it will be rescheduled & we'll seek to provide options at that point.

When will I know who is in the THE FEEL DEAL HEAL® BUSINESS MASTERMIND with me?!

We will kick off April 1st in the app Slack where you can introduce yourself to your new mastermind. Our first group zoom call is Monday April 3rd.

When do I get access to all the courses?

You'll also be enrolled into your courses as soon as you sign up! You get IMMEDIATE AND LIFETIME ACCESS. Since our first call isn't until April, you can start going over course material as soon once you enroll. We recommend downloading the Teachable app where all the courses are stored, for mobile access.

If you have other questions, email us [email protected]

testimonial from t roe biz school course

"I am so much more knowledgeable and confident in harnessing the benefits of social media as a therapist after taking Tiffany’s business course!

She has done most of the work (paperwork, framework for legal and ethical decision making, marketing strategies, etc) for us and made growth easy.

 Her affirmations and concrete how-to’s inspired me to let go of perfectionism when creating social media content, launch digital mini-trainings and courses, and participate in fun digital collaborations. 

During the year that I used Tiffany’s business course, I launched my first psychoeducational course successfully (twice) and cultivated a community of over 20k new followers (9k in the first three months). 

Through T Roe’s course I learned and directly experienced how fear and lack of knowledge around ethics and boundaries on social media can lead to therapists playing small online and in entrepreneurship.

I love her “no BS'' attitude "

Justine Grosso, PsyD

Testimonial from group coaching

"This therapist to CEO group was just the thing I needed to tap into my confidence and take the next steps for myself and my business.

Tiffany had interviews with the best of the best and they gave practical, step by step advice and support.

This course was worth every penny, and she just kept giving more and more content.

My head is swimming with tons of ideas and now I have the support to make it happen."

Andrea Johnson

Testimonial from group coaching

"I stepped into an ocean of knowledge, expertise, inspiration and guidance.

Tiffany has been nothing but generous, authentic, empowering and validating.

The connections I have made will be fruitful and long lasting, both personally and professionally.

The value to place on this experience is beyond words.

I am so grateful and proud of myself for investing in myself and joining.

Thank you sincerely."


Qualifications and Criteria to Participate

  • Must be a founder who is scaling a 6+ figure business (does not have to be a therapist or helping professional like me! I work with a wide array of entrepreneurs!)

  • Must be available for live group calls calls; live attendance required

  • Must be able to commit to set aside 2 hours for group calls
  • 2x month April through June
  • 1x month July through October

  • Must commit to regular participation in slack community between coaching calls.
  •  This is where so much mastermind magic happens! It's a live in-the-moment place to ask questions, share wins, give feedback, and support the the collective.



Tiffany Roe is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, Entrepreneur, founder & CEO of Mindful Counseling LLC & Tiffany Roe LLC, award-winning teacher, Utah Valley Business 40 under 40, host of the Therapy thoughts podcast, & national speaker on a mission to make therapy cool & help people feel deal heal.

After scaling her digital brand Hey Tiffany Roe to a 7 figure business and scaling her counseling practice to 7 figures, she knew it was time to remove the guesswork for other entrepreneurs.

With her unique expertise as a teacher, therapist AND entrepreneur AND CEO; Tiffany has mastered "mindset & skillset" both in the digital AND physical business realm; there's no other business coaching like it.

Tiffany began business coaching in 2018 and has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs level up their mindset & skillset in both individual, group, & corporate settings.

Tiffany is a pure visionary & has a gift to see possibilities & potential with the "quick start" personally to INITIATE, IMPLEMENT, AND LAUNCH product suites & services.

You can expect no BS empowering help as you create, diversify, scale, and monetize your dream career.

I gotchu, T. Roe.