body image

Nurture the relationship you have with your body.

Do you beat yourself up for not
loving your body?

Do you feel weighed down by cultural expectations of what your body "should" look like? Well, let me tell you something my friend. YOU'RE NOT BROKEN.

You're not a failure. Our culture is. And the message to hate our bodies is deep. Keep in mind that you don’t have to “be in love with your body” to make peace with it. You don’t have to beat yourself up for struggling with your body, it’s a natural outcome of diet culture and our appearance obsessed society. That’s why we fight back and build our self-respect and body image back one day at a time.

You've Tried loving your body, but still feel disconnected

This course is the perfect place to start. We work to develop neutrality about our body - not love or hate; not obsession or fixation; not value or worth based on body. Rather, we respect it and foster a more neutral relationship beyond focusing on it (like our culture wants us to).

Body image is ongoing compassionate work.

You get to pick your body image path, like all other facets of your wellness. A path full of body neutrality, respect, trust, appreciation, and practicing loving kindness.

You have the right to nurture the relationship you have with your body. You are worth having trust with your body. I want you to feel inspired and excited to jump into this nuanced topic with self-compassion and explore what comes up for you. Because you deserve peace. You deserve solace. You deserve harmony.⠀



No Matter What You Try...

You're fearful of never meeting society's expectations

You might feel that no matter what you do, your body still isn't enough.

You feel that you may never find body acceptance.

You can't seem to find a place of peace and content with how you view your body.

And you can't trust your body

You don't feel there's harmony in the relationship you have you have with yourself and your body.

Well, what if...

You had tools to help you make peace with your body?

We're talking real skills to help you dig into the beliefs you have about your body.

You could learn applicable techniques to help you heal your relationship with your body?

Let's discover real techniques to foster body acceptance. Body peace waiting for you on the other side.

You finally believed your body is enough?

This is where the magic happens, fam. This is where we learn to let go of the diet trap or the unrealistic beauty and body standards that society has forced upon us.

Hi, I'm Tiffany Roe

I'm a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, award winning psychology teacher, speaker, and the owner of Mindful Counseling LLC in Orem, Utah. My goal is to help my clients and students have kickass mental health. I've focused my career on helping women make peace with mind, body, and food.

I feel called to work with women and to help them find their purpose and self-worth. I believes you can love yourself, your body, and your relationship with food.

I want to change the mental health game. I want to make mental health support and education accessible. I want to break the stigma. I want you to feel empowered to have great mental health so we're doing it one course at a time!


Body Image

This course is a great place to start if you want to heal your relationship with your body. We go through specific exercises and activities, tools and techniques to help you make peace with your body.

This 1-hour webinar lecture includes:

  • What is body image
  • Statistics related to body image
  • What's positive body image
  • What's negative body image
  • How to heal the relationship with your body
  • Building body respect
  • Building body trust
  • Building body accetance
  • Building body love
  • Applicable and realistic body image exercises and activities to build your healthy body image
  • Body image affirmations visualization
  • 7 ways to overcome negative body image

Additional Resources:

  • 9-page body image packet for some note taking and future activities!

Course Curriculum

  Body Image
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

Many clients come into therapy after taking the classes wanting to go deeper into their own beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Other clients come into therapy and enjoy course material as homework between sessions.

These courses are not an appropriate substitute for therapeutic treatment, a therapeutic relationship, or formal medical or mental health care.

Courses are a general educational tool geared toward general populations seeking information on specific topics (mindfulness, body image, etc.)

Online courses are for educational purposes only. Think, psychology class combined with self-help suggestions. Therapy is a professional relationship with in-depth individualized goals, interventions, feedback, and support.

Great question! All you need to do is enter in the recipient's email address and name at point of purchase. They will then receive a confirmation email with the necessary login steps to access their course!

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"I did Tiffany’s Body Image course and the Intuitive Eating one! It was LIFE CHANGING! I have struggled with self image since I can remember. I was always known as someone who had an “ideal body” so as I got older and had babies my body changed drastically and I struggled hard. I was consumed with what I ate, how much I worked out, and constantly weighing myself. It was exhausting mentally and emotionally. After I did these two courses I have never felt more love and appreciation for my body.

I have never been more secure in my relationship with myself & food. It has been so empowering to get to this point. On my off days I always pull up the courses or listen to her video she has created for each course and it always snaps me out of the diet culture rabbit hole you can find yourself in. Tiffany has spent so much time and effort to put these courses together and it shows by how passionate and how much content you find in these courses! I would recommend these to anyone and everyone! I will forever be grateful for this content that you created! It has changed my life. Xoxo"

–Body image Student

"I actually wanted to use this chance to let Tiffany know how much she changed my life. I have purchased a few courses (Body Image, Mindfulness, Emotional Regulation) and they are LIFE CHANGING. Tiffany breaks her vast amount of content down for you and it's clear what to do after the course to continue healing.

The journal prompts are very helpful in getting some self-reflection going. I recommend if people buy more than one course they don't do them too closely together as there is so much wisdom you have to let it sink in. I have taken the .mp4 with me on the go to hear Tiffany's reassuring words and concepts when I'm having a tough time. I love that I can go back and rewatch this courses as well to refresh on what I learned because it is A LOT! This courses are RAD and I would totally recommend to anyone. $50 may seem like a lot but for the content it's a steal!"

– Body image student

This Is Perfect For You If...

You've always struggled with body acceptance

You want take the next step in your mental health journey

You're ready to heal your relationship with your body!

But not for you if...

You're not ready to put in the internal work of body healing

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